Aaron Yujik
Full name Aaron Yujik
Japanese name アーロン・ユージック
Romanization Āron Yūjikku
Surgery type Quilopod
Surgery base Scolopendra subspinipes japonica
Status Deceased
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday July 15 (Cancer)
Height 190cm
Weight 101kg
Origin Russia
Blood type AB
Affiliations Annex I
Relatives Nina Yujik (wife)
Manga Debut Chapter 25
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyuu Iwasaki Masami
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Aaron Yujik (アーロン・ユージック, Āron Yūjikku) is a Russian soldier that joined the Annex I project under Sylvester Asimov's command alongside his wife Nina Yujik.


Aaron is a young man with short, sleekly pulled back black hair and sharp grey eyes.


Aaron is a very kind hearted man who loved his wife very much. Despite his sharp stature, he cared deeply about his unit members, willing to do their duty in place of them because they had children while he did not.



Before he joined the Russian army he was aiming at being a designer, however it could not cover his costs and his parents did not support him. There, thanks to his strong build he was able to rise in ranks, enjoying the work and eventually marrying a fellow soldier in the army, Nina Yujik. While on paper application to Annex I Project for the Russian army was voluntary it was essentially half mandatory, thus Aaron agreed to join the Annex I project in place of other unit members who had children as he and Nina had none.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Aaron Yujik 04
First seen during the attack on the russian squad with his wife Nina. Later, during the engagement against Squad 4, he and Nina engaged combat against Dorjiberke and Bao, but were subdued easily and suffered inner wounds by Jet's shockwaves. Despite this, he are still able stand up and try to fight against Jet until they both got overrun by a new wave of Terraformers. When the Demon Dragonfly Terraformer targeted Nina, he sacrificed himself to save Nina, and his upper body was taken by the Terraformars.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving his M.O. Operation Aaron gained abilities of the Chinese red-headed centipede. This make his skin (with the exception of his joints) both resilient and hard, being able to withstand a facial slash by Dorjiberke's knife, but also manages to damage the knife itself. However, it seems that he had weaker joints, as Dorjiberke still managed to stab the back of his knee. It can be assumed that he can utilize some form of venom.


  • His hobbies are reading and blending black tea.
  • His favorite food is gelatin.
  • His favorite drink is red wine.
  • He dislikes business hotels that have hard to use temperature controls.


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Aaron's Transformation