Akari Hizamaru

Akari anime revenge artwork

Akari anime artwork

Akari Hizamru

Full name Akari Hizamaru
Japanese name 膝丸 燈(ひざまる あかり)
Romanization Hizamaru Akari
Surgery type Insect
Surgery base Eumeta japonica (Bagworm moth)
Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid mantis)
Bombyx mori (Silkworm)
Gryllus bimaculatus
Status Alive
Age 21
Gender Male
Birthday 2 August (self-proclaimed)
Height 177cm
Weight 96kg
Origin Japan
Blood type O
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #6
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Yoshimasa Hosoya
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Akari Hizamaru (膝丸 燈, Hizamaru Akari) is a Japanese boy and a martial artist. After the death of his childhood friend he chose to join the Annex Project to find the cure of the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth. He is also one of the few people, who were Post-Surgery born.


Akari's face


Akari is a muscular young man with short brown hair and brown eyes in season 1. However at the start of season 2 his appearance changes. His hair turning to black from brown and his eyes turning blue from brown.


Akari is a cheerful and good-hearted human-being who dramatically believes in friendship and honor, always doing his best to keep his promises and genuinely caring for his comrades, especially Michelle K. Davis. Despite his comic and straightforward behavior, Akari has shown to be a fearsome warrior and a sharp strategist, saving even Michelle's life while fighting a special terraformar.

Family History Edit

He is somehow the offspring of 4 different parents. Two of which are Zhang Ming-Ming and Nana

History Edit

Akari was first seen entering an underground arena in Bangkok, Thailand. The announcer started explaining his past and his reasons for being there. He seemed annoyed for having to hear it every time he came out in the arena. To his surprise, his opponent wasn't a fighter, but a bear. It attacked while Akari was distracted. He was reminded of his reason for being there and jumped on the fence of the ring to fire up the crowd, he then jumped on the back of the bear. But the bear was too mighty and threw him off, knocking him to the ground. The bear began eating him, and Akari remembered his purpose once again. He lost control and activated his bug transformation. He gouged one of the bear's eyes out. The bear swiped at him again, but Akari stopped the attack and then flung it with a shoulder throw. He leaped above it and crushed its skull with great force, instantaneously killing it.

After the fight, Akari was seen backstage beating some guys and asking them to tell him, where Yuriko is. The guy said to him that they had sold her to Shokichi, who just entered the room. Akari quickly grabbed him and told him to give her back, but Shokichi said to him that she is already dead. In his anger, Akari kicked Shokichi in the face, but he was barely affected by that. Shokichi told him they had done everything they can for her, but it was too late. Then he invited him to join him and help the others with the same affliction as Yuriko. After hearing about the disease that took Yuriko from him and their plan to go to Mars for a cure, he agreed to join them. Exiting the building, Akari was crying from the news of Yuriko and saying that he loved her. That moved Shokichi, who was reminded of the similar fate of his loved one, also pushing him to tears.

Akari is in the hospital after receiving his surgery. To his surprise, it took him a whole week to wake up. After that, Michelle explained to him the usual survival rate of the operation, but they knew that his surgery would have a higher than average chance at success. Akari was surprised to learn that they got around 100 people for their mission with such a low survival rate for the surgery.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Transformed state.

Like Michelle, Akari is born with surgery bases (two, in this case). After receiving a surgery base by M.O. Operation, Akari gained the powers of the Eumeta japonica, which allows him to produce very thin, but incredibly strong flexible silk threads that are hard to be seen and cannot be broken by the Terraformars. He is also shown to be very skilled in the use of these various threads to weave things such as a bulletproof vest.

Akari is shown to have great skill in various martial arts and combat; he combines his strings with martial arts proving himself to be a deadly opponent even against the special Terraformars. He is also shown to be an experienced swordsman as he was from the Hizamaru Divine Eye School.

The name Hizamaru itself comes from the legends around Minamoto no Raiko Yoshimitsu, one of the most famous samurai heroes of the early period. Hizamaru was the name of one of the swords associated with Yorimitsu, the other one being Dôjigiri Yasutsuna. In the legend, Raiko killed a giant Tsuchigumo yôkai with Hizamaru, earning the nickname Kumo-giri (spider slayer) for his Tachi. Tsuchigumo is thought by modern scholars to have been initially a derogatory nickname for barbarian tribes and severe threats to the Imperial Court authority.

Akari is also shown to be more than a fighter when he utilizes his strings for various purposes such as saving Michelle and retrieving the ship at the same time.

Akari has also shown to be able to transform without the need of a serum when emotionally charged. Unfortunately, when he morphs into this state, it is very unstable as Akari has no idea what he's doing, only knowing that he needs to destroy whatever it is in front of him. The only way to knock Akari out of this form is to either force him to remember who he is or knock Akari completely unconscious.

In his emotional transformed state, Akari gains red glowing eyes and a much more feral appearance. The fortunate part is his speed, durability, and strength go up enormously to where he can decimate a Terra Formars roach with his bare hands.

Later on, in the series, it is revealed that he can produce strings serrated with mini mantis claws as well as transform his arm into a mantis claw. Using the Chimera surgery he also can use the bases of Michelle, Hyuga, or any other M.O user, however, it is unknown what would happen if he did it with an M.O Terraformar.

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