Alexander Asimov
Full name Alexander Asimov
Japanese name アレクサンドル・アシモフ
Romanization Arekusandoru Ashimofu
Surgery type Insect
Surgery base Dorcus titanus titanus
Status Deceased
Age 28
Gender Male
Birthday 26 January (Aquarius)
Height 180cm
Weight 89kg
Origin Russia
Blood type O
Affiliations Annex I
Relatives Gina S. Asimov (wife)
Sylvester Asimov (father-in-law)
M.A.R.S ranking 7
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Toru Nara
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Alexander Asimov (アレクサンドル・アシモフ, Arekusandoru Ashimofu. Рус. Александр Азимов) is a Russian man under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage that joined the Annex Project to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.

He is Sylvester's Son-in-Law, and signed up for Annex I under the alias "Alexander", to avoid being confused with another member of the mission, also called Aleksandr.


Alexander is a tall man, with a bald head and a scar running across his eye. He always wears sunglasses. He used to have long hair but lost it after repeated haircuts to impress Sylvester. Recently he had actually tried to grow his hair out for a few months, but to his concern, not much hair was growing back, so he went back to his cueball look on the Annex I.


Alexander is laid-back, but extremely loyal to his cause and his comrades. He was shown to greatly love his family and wasn't afraid to die while fighting the traitors and all he was thinking of is protecting his family and ensure the vaccine is made in Russia for the sake of his wife and his unborn child. Also, he was shown to be smart as he was able to predict that the traitors would fire one of their missiles and laid a trap for them in order to deliver a sword to Akari.



Alexander lost both his parents at very young age due to a terrorist attack, and then his grandmother at the age of four. From then on he was raised in an orphanage, but it seems to have been a poor enviroment for him. After the school he immediately joined the army. During the years before the ANNEX I, Alexander fell in love at first sight with Dina S. Asimov, the daughter of Sylvester Asimov, and asked her to marry him. He tried to get Sylvester's favor but got repeatedly beaten up by him. Due to his family's influence Sylvester eventually accepted him and treated him like a son. When his wife got infected by the martian virus Alexander joined the mission to find a cure for her and their child.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

During the fight between the Russian and Chinese forces he loses an arm to the Demon Dragonfly Terraformar. While wounded he launches a one-man assault against the Chinese team inside the ANNEX in order to kill Hong. He hesitates in the final moments and is attacked by Jet, Xi and Dorjiberke. He overdoses on the drug and dies when Hong begs him not to kill Xi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alexander's base organism is the Sumatra stag beetle. While transformed he receives a boost in both strength and durability. He can burn his innards to create smoke and to easily cut the Terraformars. He is an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter, being able to defeat numerous members of the Squad 4 even with one of his arms amputated. His personal weapon is a Spetsnaz Ballistic Jaw Knife called "Kavkaz Kalinka". He is also quite adept at making traps.


  • His real name is "Aleksandr", but partially to avoid mixing his private life with his professional life, and partially because there was already a woman in his unit with a similar name he signed up for the mission under Sylvester Asimov as "Alexander".
  • He likes cottage cheese, black tea, and retro videogames, while he dislike nudist in bodypaint.

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