Amelia Venkatesh
Amelia Venkatesh
Full name Amelia Venkatesh
Japanese name アミリア・ヴェンカテッシュ
Romanization Amiria Venkatesshu
Surgery type Mammal
Surgery base Monodon monocerus
Status Alive
Age 24
Gender Female
Birthday 1 November (Scorpio)
Height 163cm
Weight 51kg
Origin U.S.A.
Blood type A
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #77
Manga Debut Chapter 93
Anime Debut Episode 14
Seiyuu Eri Kitamura
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Amelia Venkatesh (アミリア・ヴェンカテッシュ, Amiria Venkatesshu) is an American crew member (information specialist) of Annex I, and was placed in Squad 2 led by Michelle K. Davis. The organism base of her M.O. Operation is a Narwhal.


Amelia is a fairly short American woman. Her short, lilac hair is parted in the center. When transformed, she grows the horn of a narwhal.

Personality Edit

During the hack on the communications tower on the Annex 1, Amelia is shown to be a quite selfless individual, expressing concern for Keiji on multiple occasions and then proceeding to continue her work while everyone else was incapacitated so that she could give meaning to their efforts. Although she is a non-combatant, she is shown to be agile enough to evade the Demon Dragonfly Terraformar and retain her composure while the other non-combatants were approached by the Ratel Terraformar.


Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Amelia makes her debut heading towards the Annex 1 alongside Keiji to thwart the Chinese coup. Shortly after their cover is compromised by Underground Bao, Squad 1 is forced to run towards the ship. Heavy casualties were taken, but Amelia managed to survive, even being able to evade the Demon Dragonfly Terraformar. Upon entering the Annex and equipping makeshift defenses against Hong's bacterial ability, she repeatedly expressed concern for Keiji, who stayed back to fend of the Demon Dragonfly and allow the non-combatants to go to the transmission control room. Soon after they commence their hack on the broadcast tower, the powerful Ratel Terraformar interrupts and begins a struggle. When it brings the non-combatants and 4th division to the floor below, a skirmish begins between the roach and the two able combatants.

Just when the Ratel Terraformar is finally defeated all hope is lost in completing their mission, Erika realizes that Amelia is still in the control room and still hacking. By using her ability to cease usage of unnecessary parts of her body to preserve oxygen and enable her to further work, Amelia manages to successfully hack the broadcasting system and contact the superiors at U-NASA. However, because she doesn't have enough breath left, she can only let out a faint cry for help before being interrupted by the Terraformars. Soon afterwards, Liu activates countermeasures to restart the jamming device. Having a near-death experience, Amelia has a flashback of her with Keiji, and is soon rescued by Marcos and Jared along with Xi, Hong, and the rest of Squad 1's non-combatants. Afterwards, she rejoins the rest of the division and regains consciousness.

Amelia is last seen sprinting with the other combatants before entering one of the pods from the Frontier Spirit and then leaving the pod to enter the ship with the others who regrouped at the sea.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Amelia's transformation

After receiving her M.O. Operation, Amelia gained the abilities of the narwhal, allowing her to keep far more oxygen in her blood and muscles than land-based organisms and use that oxygen more efficiently. She can also cease activity in all unnecessary parts of her body to extend her operation time under low-to-zero-oxygen situations. In addition, through the use of her horn, she can detect subtle changes in air current allowing her to dodge a dive-bombing Demon Dragonfly Terraformar. However she has stated she won't be able to dodge a second attack.


  • Her favorite food is Japanese chuhai (orange and peach flavor).
  • Her favorite historical figure is Hayao Miyazaki.
  • She dislikes 3-disc "best of" albums.
  • Amelia got addicted to online gaming for a while, and is bothered by how her speech has grown rough after playing as male characters.
  • After coming to U-NASA, she began jogging. But as it is the first sport she has done in her life, she is unable to keep up with the more experienced runners.
  • Her bra size is B-cup.
  • She is in love with Keiji Onizuka
  • In the narwhal, the "horn" is actually a tusk, thus creating a disreptancy in Amelia's transformation because her horn clearly does not original from her teeth.

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