Full name Anastasia Andreevna Politkovskaya
Japanese name アナスタシア・アンドレーヴナ・ポリトコフスカヤ
Romanization Anasutashia Andorēvuna Poritokofusukaya
Surgery type Arthropod
Surgery base Phoneutria nigriventer
Status Alive
Age 29
Gender Female
Birthday May 24 (Gemini)
Height 159cm
Weight 50kg
Origin Russia
Blood type AB
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #20
Manga Debut Chapter 71
Seiyuu Sumire Uesaka
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Anastasia Andreevna Politkovskaya (アナスタシア・アンドレーヴナ・ポリトコフスカヤ, Anasutashia Andorēvuna Poritokofusukaya) is a Russian girl under Sylvester Asimov's tutelage who joined the Annex Project in order to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.


Anastasia is a young Russian woman with a decent build and short hair.



Annex I Arc (2620 A.D.)Edit

She is first seen pulling back from the engagement on Squad 4 and using her ability to ensure Squad 3's escape.

Later, she joins the other combatants in the rush towards the sea. Aboard the Frontier Spirit, she and Ivan are the only Russian survivors. Anastasia's attempts to prevent Ivan from disclosing information gathered by Squad 3 were futile as Ivan admitted all of Sylvester's discoveries and hypotheses to the survivors as well as the Frontier Spirit crew members.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

After receiving her M.O. Operation Anastasia gained the powers and abilities of the trapdoor spider. She is able to quickly weave strong walls of silk that was strong and durable enough to survive a missile from one of the missile launchers that Squad 4 had brought on board.

In "Today's terraformars is on break!", she is very skilled street racer, but not good at baseball.


  • She had known Nina prior to the events of the series, shown when Nina accidentally broke Anastasia's computer while zoning out.
  • On more than one occasion, she lied about her age, insisting she is 18-19 years old.

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