Archer Fish Terraformar
Af tf
Full name Archer Fish Terraformar
Japanese name テッポウウオ型テラフォーマー
Status Alive
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 88
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The Archer Fish Terraformar is a Terraformar that stole the abilities of the member of the Annex I's crew Marcia. They are able to shot jets of water through one of their hands, that are able to pierce a human body at extremely long range.

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roach w/ fish hand

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History Edit

Past Edit

Somehow during the Annex I mission this Terraformar gained the abilities of the member of the Annex I's crew Marcia.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

An Archer Fish Terraformar is seen for the first time when it attacks Yaeko Yanasegawa by piercing her thighs with water beams, after she managed to scare off the regular Terraformars with her ability to protect herself and Alex K. Stewart. At the same time it also managed to hit the right arm of the Bao clone who captured Michelle K. Davis and Akari Hizamaru and was trying to escape with them.

Later when during the fight between the newly arrived Joseph Gustav Newton and the Bao clone, the latter managed to take the former's sword and stood up, it shot him once again piercing his shoulders and left arm. After Joseph defeated the Bao it tried to shoot him as well however he managed to deflect the shot, using his sword.

An Archer Fish Terraformar is seen for the next time when it shoots the Bao clone who stands on top of the Annex I after the use of its siege deterring net, through the chest serval times, killing him.

Later an Archer Fish Terraformar is seen after the roaches took over the Annex I seemingly cleaning the inside of the spaceship with its water beams.

Three other Archer Fish Terraformars are among the army of Terraformars that attacks the remaining members of the Annex I's crew. One of them starts the attack by shooting Jared Anderson through the throat, critically wounding him. It is currently unknown if those three Terraformars were killed along with the rest of the army by an overdosed Shokichi Komachi or if the managed to survive.

Later when some of the surviving members of the Annex I's crew are trying to board the rescue ship "Frontier Spirit" another Archer Fish Terraformar attacks them. However its shots are blocked by Asatarou Kusama with Arachnebuster Mk.II and it is then killed by a shot from Daniel Arthur Jr.'s rifle.

After the fight between Shokichi Komachi and Joseph Gustav Newton ended two Archer Fish Terraformars are seen standing the next to the Evolved Terraformar that took over leadership alongside a Honey Badger Terraformar, a Sumatra Stag Beetle Terraformar, three Paintop Cuttlefish Terraformars. When the force of regular and mind controlled Terraformars attacks Liu Yiwu and Sylvester Asimov they hit Liu with two shots while he faces off against several other Terraformars and look on surprised as he manages to kill them despite those wounds. When one of them perpares to fire another shot it is stopped by its leader.

Later one of them watches alongside its leader how a strange black sphere descends from the sky near the Jiu Tou Long. After a voice from the spaceship causes the retreat of the Chinese soldiers to stop the Archer Fish Terraformar is killed by something fired from the ship which causes its leader to order its troops to retreat.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Archer Fish Terraformar has killed:

  • One of Bao clone