Asataro Kusama
Asataro Kusama
Full name Asataro Kusama
Japanese name 草間 朝太郎 (くさま あさたろう)
Romanization Kusama Asatarō
Surgery type Bird
Surgery base Bubo bubo
Status Deceased
Age 39
Gender Male
Birthday January 25 (Aquarius)
Height 183cm
Weight 91kg
Origin Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type AB
Affiliations Frontier Spirit
Relatives Shigure Kusama (Father)
Japan ranking #3
Manga Debut Chapter 151
Seiyuu Daisuke Hirakawa
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Asataro Kusama (草間 朝太郎 (くさま あさたろう), Kusama Asatarō) is from the First Guards, a private security company. He is the son of the president in the orphanage Akari lived and have attained full proficiency of the Hizamaru Divine Eye style. Along with Daniel Arthur Jr., he travelled to Mars with Frontier Spirit.



Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the killed victims Asataro has killed:

  • Sun Zhèng-Fù
  • Son of Joichi Hongo's little sister

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