Vladimir A. Smiles
Full name Vladimir A. Smiles
Japanese name ブラディーミル・A・スマイルズ(スミレス)
Romanization Buradīmiru A Sumairuzu
Status Alive
Gender Male
Origin Russia
Affiliations U-NASA
Manga Debut Chapter 49
Anime Debut OVA 1
Seiyuu Wakabayashi Ryou
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Vladimir A. Smiles (ブラディーミル・A・スマイルズ, Buradīmiru A Sumairuzu) is the president of Russia in 2620 and head of U-NASA 3rd Branch.




Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Before Sylvester Asimov departed for Mars, Vladimir order him to confirm some details on Mars at the mysterious Martian Pyramids. Later when Ichiro Hiruma revealed that Kou Honda was in the possession of the Japanese government, he supported Hiruma's proposal to have Honda's research be handled by Japan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • His family name Smiles was also written as スミレス (Sumires).
  • Its hinted that he may have a connection with the Newton Clan, as he recognized their motto left on the plans they sent to the Terraformars. Though his position with the family is unknown, its suggested to be adversarial as he declared humanity would surpass them.

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