Bombardier Beetle Terraformar
Terraformar spreading his wings
Full name Bombardier Beetle Terraformar
Japanese name ミイデラゴミムシ型テラフォーマー
Status Deceased
Height 200cm
Weight 110kg
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 12
Image Gallery

The Bombardier Beetle Terraformar is a Terraformar that stole the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew God Lee. It is able to generate and combine hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone from the holes in its palms releasing a spray of extremely hot benzoquinone creating a huge explosion.

Appearance Edit

He is seen wearing one silk arm ring at his left upper arm. It probably means his social rank is higher than normal type Terrformars, tied with shower room Terraformar, and lower than other high rank Terraformars.This would mean he is the lowest of all BUGS surgery Terraformars and even a few normal Terraformars have a higher ranking than him.(Which is more than understandable)

Personality Edit

He can make coordinated(albeit unsecessful) plans. He is also the first Terraformar to ever being shown trying to escape.He may also be petty due to the fact he killed Shelia even though it was obvious who was a bigger threat.Also the fact that females are least important to them and people with guns swords balls or any other object are seen as top priority.Coupled with these facts he should've blast Shokichi for holding the capture net but went for least priority(on the whole ship) instead.

History Edit

Past Edit

Somehow during the past this Terraformar gained the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew God Lee.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

After Plan Delta was initiated the Bombardier Beetle Terraformar clung to the Evacuation Unit of Squad 1.

Terraformar attacking Sheila with his gas ability

Using his gas ability

When the Evacuation Unit stopped it punched through the window in an attempt to smash the drugs used by the squad members to transform, nearly hitting Sheila Levitt. As a response squad captain Shokichi Komachi restarted the shuttle for a moment throwing the Bombardier Beetle Terraformar off and then left the shuttle together with Marcos E. Garcia and Keiji Onizuka to face it. The Terraformar however used its wings to fly over their heads back to the Evacuation Unit and lifted up its roof. However Sheila Levitt awaited it and managed to hit it with a net launcher, capturing it with some help from Shokichi Komachi. When the captain started to congratulate Sheila for her work the Bombardier Beetle Terraformar used its special ability to create an explosion that pierced Sheila's chest mortally wounding her. Enraged by this Marcos E. Gracias used the net launcher to smash the Terraformar's head, killing it.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Bombardier Beetle Terraformar has killed:

Abilities Edit

Shooting out hot benzoquione but it lacks the beetle's hard shell,and isn't nearly as good with it as his predecessor was,which is evident by him piercing Shelia's armor whereas God Lee would've blown up the ship and everyone inside. Other than that they are no stronger than a normal terraformar and often get killed quite easily.In fact Shelia captured it almost immediately and even after killing her Marcos just killed it and it couldn't even get anyone else with another blast despite everyone being thrown off guard with Shelia being hit.After which it just killed by Marcos while still human although head injuries don't even hurt Terraformars.

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