Bugs Procedure (バグズ手術, Baguzu Shujutsu) is a special surgery done in order to allow people to spend extended amounts of time in the martian environment. The survival rate of the surgery is mere 30% and because of the high death chance, most people who undergoing it have nothing to lose or are in need of money. Through the surgery, an insect DNA array is being inserted into the cells of the human body and with this the cells inside mankind's weak flesh and blood will be able to transform into those of an insect. It will also have better physical endurance, speed and strength, along with some unique insect abilities.
  • Taking injection
  • Undergoing transformation
  • Bug Transformation
  • Failing the balance

In order to activate their full insect special abilities, they need an injection with insect tissues. The Bugs Procedure blocks the human body from rejecting insect tissue which wouldn't normally be able to co-exist. It is also possible to go further beyond the balance by injecting even more to get closer to an insect body. However should the effect of the injection last for too long, you would die due to the shock caused by the human immune system. And if there is severe damage to vital organs responsible for dismantling the injection inside the body like the liver or kidneys, will result in a more insect-like transformation and death.

Though called the Bug Procedure, it is possible to use other animal tissue for the process. For example, one candidate was given cells from an electric eel.

The medication that activates the change can come in a variety of forms, from the normal injection, powder (snorted like cocaine), pills, or even a form of gum. Each version of the medicine is created with the intention of swiftly activating the physical changes to allow the user quick access to their powers. unfortunately the medication only lasts for about an hour depending on circumstances. The medication is also very tiring for the user as once the drug has run it's course it leaves their body completely drained of energy. A second dose of medication will energize the user for another hour but after that runs it's course the person drops into a eight hour sleep no matter what.

Known people undergone Bug ProcedureEdit

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