The Holy Land
Chapter 116
Chapter Info
Volume: 12
Chapter: 116
Japanese Title: THE HOLY LAND 聖地
Romanized Title: THE HOLY LAND Seichi
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: October 30, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 48-2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 115 Chapter 117

The Holy Land (THE HOLY LAND 聖地, THE HOLY LAND Seichi) is the 116th chapter in the manga.



  • Flashback, before the BUGS2 mission, somewhere in Japan: Shokichi and Nanao stand in an avenue of cherry trees and Shokichi comments that the cherry trees will bloom by the time when they return from Mars and come back to this play. Because he is not able to say it Nanao states that they will live there with a somewhat sad expression.
  • Current time, Mars, Shokichi's location: A Terraformar attacks Shokichi with a club but he effortless kills it with a stab through the chest while he remembers how he was given a letter left behind for him by Nanao before the BUGS2 mission. He then proceeds to challenge the roaches to attack him and begins to butcher himself through their army while remembering the content of Nanao's letter. In it she asks him to forget about her if she should day and become happy with somebody else because she doesn't believe that should she survive she would be able to heal the wounds in her heart or be able to raise a child. But she also states that Shokichi would make a great father and should guide children and other people in the future. While he remembers her words Shokichi faces off against a Tasmanian King Crab Terraformar that manages to catch his arm but after injecting a second dose of the drug he grows hornet jaws at the stingers on his forearms and kills it easily. At the same time he also grows hornet jaws at his heels which allow him to kill three Terraformars with a kick. He then proceeds to ask Nanao not to say something so sad.
  • Flashback, earlier, Mars, Shokichi's location: The vehicle of Shokichi's team is being chased by a large number of Terraformars while trying to escape to the sea. To buy the comrades time to reach the sea Shokichi decides to play the decoy and puts Asimov in charge. The Russian squad leader in turn throws Shokichi a sword to help him fight the roaches as he jumps out of the vehicle.
  • Current time, Mars, Shokichi's location: Shokichi proceeds to kill the Echidna Terraformars and well as regular ones while in his mind asking Nanao not to say something so sad and declaring that he loved her since they meet as children. In front of him a huge army of Terraformars and behind a mark on the ground that indicates that there once stood a BUGS ship he declares that he never regretted becoming the captain of the Annex I because he always wanted to come to Mars. While he injects four more doses of the drug he remembers Nanao thanking him for guiding her in her letter.
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: Akari managed to trap enough Terraformars to create a wall from their bodies to both his sides but he is still facing a huge army of them. He asks Michelle not to lose hope. Just then there is a landslide that crushes the roaches while Akari's group is being protected by the walls he created from roach bodies. Akari proceeds to order his comrades to escape while the enemy is distracted by the landslide.
  • Mars, Shokichi's location: Having injected four more doses Shokichi starts to grow hornet wings while he remembers Nanao's final words in her letter: "You are my light." He then challenges to roaches to come and fight him and it is revealed his M.A.R.S Ranking is #3 tieing with Sylvester Asimov.


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