Famous Last Words: The Thread of Hope and the Needle of Malice
Chapter 117
Chapter Info
Volume: 12
Chapter: 117
Japanese Title: FAMOUS LAST WORDS 希望の糸と悪意の鉤
Romanized Title: FAMOUS LAST WORDS Kibō no ito to Akui no Hari
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: November 6, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 49-2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 116 Chapter 118

Famous Last Words: The Thread of Hope and the Needle of Malice (FAMOUS LAST WORDS 希望の糸と悪意の鉤, FAMOUS LAST WORDS Kibō no ito to Akui no Hari) is the 117th chapter in the manga.



  • Mars, Shokichi's location: After overdosing the drug to give his team time to escape during the last chapter, Shokichi grew the wings of a hornet from his back. While butchering himself through the army of Terraformars he muses if Donatello K. Davis and Thien felt the same way as he does and he thinks about the letter Nanao Akita left behind for him before she underwent the Bugs Procedure.
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: The combination of the volcanic eruption and the heavy rain caused a landslide that kills many of the Terraformars currently facing Akari's group. Akari manages to protect himself and his friends by creating a guidance embankment out of the bodies of hundreds of Terraformars.
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: Both, the current leader of the Terraformars as well as Kai, the leader of the Chinese reinforcement, are unable to understand why Akari's group still continues to fight.
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: Akari rallies his comrades to "keep living".
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: Members of the Chinese reinforcement find the vehicle of Akari's group empty from which Kai correctly concludes, that they left it behind as a decoy.
  • Mars, Shokichi's location: Still fighting against the roaches Shokichi urges Akari to not give up in his mind.
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: A Terraformar attacks Michelle but she finally gets a grip on herself and defeats it with an uppercut.
  • On board of the "Kuzuryuu": Kai comments that he didn't expect the Terraformars to manage to surround Akari's group and muses that it would be good if they manage to defeat the roaches. He then orders his men to adhere the "Marker" and to fire the "Snake".
  • Mars, Akari's group's location: Out of her group Michelle is the only one to realise that the "Kuzuryuu" aimed at Akari and fired a projectile, since Akari and Yaeko are both facing forward and Alex is still unconscious. When the projectile opens itself into something like a pair of bolas Michelle shoves Alex to Yaeko and pushes Akari out of its way. But while doing this the weapon fired by the Chinese pierces her chest.


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