Where Is Your Heart: The Seat of the Soul
Chapter 118
Chapter Info
Volume: 12
Chapter: 118
Japanese Title: WHERE IS YOUR HEART 魂の在り処
Romanized Title: WHERE IS YOUR HEART Tamashī no Arika
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: November 13, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 50-2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 117 Chapter 119

Where Is Your Heart: The Seat of the Soul (WHERE IS YOUR HEART 魂の在り処, WHERE IS YOUR HEART Tamashī no Arika) is the 118th chapter in the manga.



Akari, grief-stricken by Michelle's apparent sacrifice, holds her in his arms and demands to know why she'd do something so foolish. At the same time, Michelle flashes back to the first time she learned of Akari, prior to going to pick him up from Thailand with Shokichi.

While Michelle is reminiscing, Akari attempts to remove the sphere from her chest, only to find the cable attached to it is too strong for his sword to cut through. Michelle raises her hand to cup his face, telling him not to cry, that she was glad to save him & that he should return to earth before seemingly passing away.

Onboard the enemy vessel, the decide to capture Michelle along with Akari as a 'precaution', only for something within Akari to snap, sprouting what appears to be a mantis arm, allowing him to sever the line, Michelle's attacker's arm, and one of the 'arms' of the ship.

Despite the damage to their ship, the Chinese are determined to capture him, having expected such a reaction from Akari, now that he has finally revealed "The Characteristic [Akari] Inherited From His Mother" as a stunned Liu looks on.

At the same time, Shokichi, who is facing down the hoard of Terraformars to buy time for the others to escape, recalls the words of Akari's mother, who seemingly abandoned him out of a belief she wasn't qualified to raise a human being. He then recalls when Akari's MO base was determined & comments on how "[Akari] has become an incredibly 'Good Guy'...Aki...".


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