Planaria: Abused Animal
Chapter 121
Chapter Info
Volume: 13
Chapter: 121
Japanese Title: PLANARIA 虐待動物
Romanized Title: PLANARIA Gyakutai Dōbutsu
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: December 4, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 01-2015
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 120 Chapter 122

Planaria: Abused Animal (PLANARIA 虐待動物, PLANARIA Gyakutai Dōbutsu) is the 121st chapter in the manga.


Eva Frost, Adolf Reinhard, "The Engineer", General Kai, Akari Hizamaru Yaeko Yanasegawa, Alex K. Stewart, General Bao, Michelle K. Davis


The chapter starts off by telling us about a plague that ravaged Africa around the year 2570. This disease killed over 200 million people. In order to save patients with terminal illness, the German engineers succeeded in the first M.O Operation in the world, Adolf's Electric Eel. It then said that the Germans needed something more powerful, more primitive. They came up with the Planaria.

From there, we learn about the Planarias extremely strong regeneration abilities, to the point that if you cut a Planaria it will become two Planarias, with two separate brains.

We then see Eva Frost, with the base of a Planaria, regenerating. Later we see Eva with Akari, as she approaches him, crying. We learn that Eva had been regenerated with some of Adolf's flesh. "#100 with the powers of #2".

We then go to General Kai and Bao. Kai screams not to let them get away, and then asks if they can change their position. General Bao asks if Kai wants the ship to land on Mars.

While this is happening, Eva Frost tells Akari that Michelle K. Davis might be alive. That there's still hope.


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