Line of Life
Chapter 122
Chapter Info
Volume: 13
Chapter: 122
Japanese Title: LINE OF LIFE 生命線
Romanized Title: LINE OF LIFE Seimei-sen
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: December 11, 2014
Young Jump: Issue 02-2015
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 121 Chapter 123

LINE OF LIFE (LINE OF LIFE 生命線, LINE OF LIFE Seimei-sen) is the 122nd chapter in the manga.


General Kai, Hong, Bao Zhilan, Michelle K Davis, Ichiro Hiruma, Akari Hizamaru, Eva Frost, Alexander Gustav Newton, Yaeko Yanasegawa, Shokichi Komachi, Joseph G Newton, Liu Yiwu


In the start, General Kai talks about the 4 indications of the new levels of the BUGs surgery. These 4 being Michelle, Hiruma, Akari and now Eva. It then shows us a map of Mars, and what's happening.

We then go to Akari, Michelle and Yaeko. Yaeko points out that her left lung is still moving, and that gives hope to Akari. He remembers that his Silk Moth strings has the ability to attach to everything, and with that he starts to patch Michelle up. He then thinks that maybe his parents gave him the power to not let his friends die next to him.

We then go to Shokichi Komachi, while he is thinking to himself about his thoughts on him wanting to die on Mars. He then gets attacked by the Praying Mantis Cockroach, that stole it's abilities from BUGs 2s Zhang Zhang Ming, Akaris mother.

The Mantis Roach quickly gets killed off by Joseph G Newton, that cuts of it's arm and then bites it's neck. We then see a naked Joseph and an armless Liu Yiwu. Joseph asks Shokichi for clothes.


  • In the magazine the chapter was called LINE 生命線, but in the volume version was changed to LINE OF LIFE 生命線.


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