DVD/BD vol.6
Episodes Episode 11 - Episode 12
Length 50 Minutes
Release Date May 27, 2015
EAN 4548967147117 (DVD)
4548967147049 (BD)
Cover Characters Keiji OnizukaShokichi Komachi
DVD/BD Chronology
vol.5 vol.7

The sixth DVD & Blu-ray disc in the series.


List of EpisodesEdit

Limited Edition BonusEdit

  • Original Drama CD vol.6
  • Anime original cards
  • Digipack
  • Outer case

Audio BonusEdit

  • Audio Commentary

Shop BenefitsEdit

  • Amazon: Original Deka Can Badge (single volume purchase)
  • Animate: Cast Talk DVD (all volume purchase)
  • Tsutaya: Anime Illustration B3 tapestry (all volume purchase)
  • Gamers: Original design tattoo (all volume purchase)
  • Toranoana: Original design mug cup (all volume purchase)
  • 7net: Original big strap (all volume purchase)


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