Symptom: Mutation
Episode 01
Episode Info
Kanji SYMPTOM 変異
Romaji SYMPTOM Hen'i
Air Date September 27, 2014
Episode Direction Ozawa Kazuhiro
Storyboard Hamasaki Hiroshi, Ozawa Kazuhiro
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Shino Masanori (Chief), Kurihara Motohiko, Yagi Genki, Yoshida Ikuo
Episode Chronology
OVA 2 Episode 2

Symptom: Mutation (SYMPTOM 変異, SYMPTOM Hen'i) is the 1st episode of Terra Formars TV anime



It has been twenty years since the tragedy of Bugs 2 and is now 2619. In order to save his childhood friend, Yuriko, from an unknown illness, Akari Hizamaru was fighting in an underground arena in Bangkok.


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