Episode 11
Episode Info
Kanji BOXER ボクサー
Romaji BOXER Bokusā
Air Date December 6, 2014
Episode Direction Ozawa Kazuhiro, Nogami Kazuo (Assistant), Aritomi Kouji (Assistant), Nakayama Naomi (Assistant)
Storyboard Fukuda Michio
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Yokoyama Ai (Chief), Minowa Yutaka, Tazawa Ushio, Matsuoka Kenji, Usuda Yoshio, Nakano Ryouichi, Masuda Shunsuke, Yoshida Ikuo, Hara Shuuichi, Ueno Takushi, Tokuda Yumenosuke, Kado Tomoaki, Yamamoto Akihiro, Yagi Genki, Kurihara Motohiko, Imanaka Shunsuke
Episode Chronology
Episode 10 Episode 12

Boxer (BOXER ボクサー, BOXER bokusā) is the 11th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



The No. 1 Division were spread apart because of the Terraformars. In the depths of a dark hole, the gong had rung on a battle of the Earth vs. Mars. On Mars's side, a weevil-based Terraformar and on Earth's side, was Keiji Onizuka! He had always lived a very simple life. In order to protect the island his mother loved, and to protect his precious new friends, Onizuka stands in the ring yet again. Thus begins the brutal and unrelenting battle of fists.


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