Shooting Star: On Track and Reckless
Episode 12
Episode Info
Kanji SHOOTING STAR 軌道と無軌道
Romaji SHOOTING STAR Sutā Kidō to Mukidō
Air Date December 13, 2014
Episode Direction Makino Yoshitaka
Storyboard Makino Yoshitaka
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Kimura Satoshi (Chief), Kobayashi Toshimitsu, Hattori Satoshi, Nakano Ryouichi, Masuda Shunsuke, Yoshida Ikuo, Hara Shuuichi, Torii Hayato, Shimizu Katsuhiro, Kado Tomoaki, Kimura Satoshi, Takada Haruhito, Yagi Genki, Kurihara Motohiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 11 Episode 13

Shooting Star: On Track and Reckless (SHOOTING STAR 軌道と無軌道, SHOOTING STAR Sutā Kidō to Mukidō) is the 12th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



After being surrounded by the thread that a Terraformar with the powers of a silkworm laid out, Shokichi remembers Nanao Akita. Shokichi regrets the fact that they had to leave her body behind on Mars after they had killed her during the Bugs 2 mission. Now, he wants to get revenge. Will Shokichi be able to restart the clock that had stopped twenty years ago? Meanwhile, The No. 3 Division is within the pyramids and find something that shouldn't be there, and suddenly, a deafening sound can be heard throughout Mars.


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