Terra For Mars: This Way and That Way
Episode 13
Episode Info
Kanji TERRA FOR MARS 彼方と此方
Romaji TERRA FOR MARS Kanata to Konata
Air Date December 20, 2014
Episode Direction Ozaki Takaharu
Storyboard Ozaki Takaharu
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Shino Masanori (Chief), Minowa Yutaka, Kobayashi Toshimitsu, Hattori Satoshi, Nakano Ryouichi, Sakamoto Kazuya, Masuda Shunsuke, Hara Shuuichi, Yoshida Ikuo, Ueno Takushi, Kado Tomoaki, Kanakubo Norio, Yagi Genki, Kimura Satoshi, Yokoyama Ai, Kurihara Motohiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 12 Episode 14

Terra For Mars: This Way and That Way (TERRA FOR MARS 彼方と此方, TERRA FOR MARS Kanata to Konata) is the 13th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



The No. 1 Division finally comes to No. 2 Division's aid in their most desperate hour. Michelle and Akari both use their BUGS powers and face off with the Terraformars. Because they are reunited, the truth of Sheila's death also comes to light. Meanwhile, the presidents of the allied nations was meeting with the prime minister of Japan, Ichiro Hiruma. The Annex crew is about to face the true test of survival!


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