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2nd Generation: The Special Two
Episode 14
Episode Info
Kanji 2ND GENERATION 特別な二人
Romaji 2ND GENERATION Tokubetsuna Futari
Air Date April 2, 2016
Episode Direction Aritomi Kouji
Storyboard Fukuda Michio
Screenplay Arakawa Naruhisa
Animation Direction Ikariya Atsushi (Chief), Ishibashi Daisuke, Hashimoto Kouichi, Kobayashi Toshimitsu, Yamamura Shunsuke, Kikunaga Tomohide
Episode Chronology
Episode 13 Episode 15

2nd Generation: The Special Two (2ND GENERATION 特別な二人, 2ND GENERATION Tokubetsuna Futari) is the 14th episode in the series and 1st episode Terra Formars: Revenge anime.




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