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Friend Here: An Alliance Appears
Episode 16
Episode Info
Kanji FRIEND HERE 同盟見参
Romaji FRIEND HERE Dōmei Kenzan
Air Date April 16, 2016
Episode Direction Yamada Masayuki
Storyboard Aizawa Kagetsu
Screenplay Chiba Katsuhiko
Animation Direction Kitahara Hiromasa (Chief), Furufuku Daigo (Assistant), Kikuchi Katsunori, Sagawa Haruka, Ishibashi Daisuke, Kado Tomoaki, Yamamura Shunsuke
Episode Chronology
Episode 15 Episode 17

Friend Here: An Alliance Appears (FRIEND HERE 同盟見参, FRIEND HERE Dōmei Kenzan) is the 16th episode in the series and 3rd episode of Terra Formars: Revenge anime.




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