Departure: For the Front
Episode 02
Episode Info
Romaji DEPARTURE Shutsujin
Air Date October 4, 2014
Episode Direction Makino Yoshitaka,
Storyboard Wakabayashi Kanji, Hamasaki Hiroshi, Makino Yoshitaka
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Shino Masanori (Chief), Kimura Satoshi (Chief), Kurihara Motohiko, Sakamoto Kazuya, Yamamura Shunsuke, Yamamoto Akihiro, Kado Tomoaki, Naka Morifumi (Mechanical Effects)
Episode Chronology
Episode 1 Episode 3

Departure: For the Front (DEPARTURE 出陣, DEPARTURE Shutsujin) is the 2nd episode of Terra Formars TV anime



In order to create a vaccine for the A.E. Virus, Annex 1 heads to Mars. Akari and the other crew members try to enjoy their time on the ship before they land on Mars for the life-threatening mission.


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