To Mars: To the Planet of Calamity
Episode 03
Episode Info
Kanji TO MARS 災いの星へ
Romaji TO MARS Wazawai no Hoshi e
Air Date October 11, 2014
Episode Direction Saga Satoshi
Storyboard Sakamoto Kazuya
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Kimura Satoshi (Chief), Egami Natsuki, Saitou Daisuke, Murakami Naoki
Episode Chronology
Episode 2 Episode 4

To Mars: To the Planet of Calamity (TO MARS 災いの星へ, TO MARS Wazawai no Hoshi e) is the 3rd episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



Annex 1 ends up a blood bath at the sudden appearance of the Terraformars. Akari and Marcos go to get the medicine in order to deal with the situation they've been given, but find that the Terraformars are in the room with the medicine, and they are destroying their supply of the medicine.


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