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Exceptional Two: The Miracle Child
Episode 05
Episode Info
Romaji EXCEPTIONAL TWO Kiseki no Ko
Air Date October 25, 2014
Episode Direction Ooshima Hiroyuki
Storyboard Misawa Shin
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Kimura Satoshi (Chief), Handa Shuuhei, Yoshigaki Yuusuke (Assistant)
Episode Chronology
Episode 4 Episode 6

Exceptional Two: The Miracle Child (EXCEPTIONAL TWO 奇跡の子, EXCEPTIONAL TWO Kiseki no Ko) is the 5th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



Marcos remembers his childhood in Gran Mexico. Sheila, who always smiled like the sun, is now gone. Marcos lets all of his rage explode against the Terraformars, his eyes filled with tears of sorrow for his fallen friend.


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