2 Minutes
Episode 06
Episode Info
Kanji 2 MINUTES 2分間
Romaji 2 MINUTES 2-funkan
Air Date November 1, 2014
Episode Direction Ogiso Shingo
Storyboard Ogiso Shingo
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Kimura Satoshi (Chief), Kado Tomoaki, Hashimoto Kouichi, Sagawa Haruka, Sakamoto Kazuya
Episode Chronology
Episode 5 Episode 7

2 Minutes (2 MINUTES 2分間, 2 MINUTES 2-funkan) is the 6th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



The thing that jumped onto No. 2 Division's escape vessel was a strange Terraformar with strangely developed legs. It then takes the controls and tries to fly off with the escape vessel while everyone is still aboard. Yaeko and the others prepare for the worst as they're trying to figure out why it knows how to fly the vessel.


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