Crab: Brave Warrior
Episode 07
Episode Info
Kanji CRAB 猛士
Romaji CRAB Mōshi
Air Date November 8, 2014
Episode Direction Ueno Fumihiro
Storyboard Watanabe Tetsuya
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Shino Masanori (Chief), Tazawa Ushio, Watanabe Kazuo, Narimatsu Yoshito, Nakazawa Yuuichi, Tsukuma Kentoku
Episode Chronology
Episode 6 Episode 8

Crab: Brave Warrior (CRAB 猛士, CRAB Mōshi) is the 7th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



Michelle and Akari battle the mysterious Terraformars. After the battle is over, Michelle goes to change and Alex and Akari try to take a peek. A brand new act was about to start right there on Mars. Meanwhile, Asimov and No. 3 Division reach the mysterious pyramids, where they fight the Terraformar that stole Elena's life.


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