Der Zitteraal: The Electric Organism
Episode 08
Episode Info
Romaji DER ZITTERAAL Dengeki Seibutsu
Air Date November 15, 2014
Episode Direction Ozawa Kazuhiro
Storyboard Ozawa Kazuhiro
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Yokoyama Ai (Chief), Sano Takao, Yamamoto Akihiro, Yagi Genki, Nakano Ryouichi, Yoshida Ikuo, Hara Shuuichi, Kurihara Motohiko
Episode Chronology
Episode 7 Episode 9

Der Zitteraal: The Electric Organism (DER ZITTERAAL 電撃生物, DER ZITTERAAL Dengeki Seibutsu) is the 8th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



Adolf and No. 5 Division head toward the main ship of the Annex in the rain. But then, they unexpectedly get rammed by No. 4 Division's ship, and are grounded. While getting ready to face the horde of Terraformars outside, Adolf remembers his past. He remembers his sad past, undergoing the M.O. operation... and then one day, someone changed his life forever.


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