Too Sad to Die: A Single Drop From a Thunderstorm
Episode 09
Episode Info
Kanji TOO SAD TO DIE 雷雨の一粒
Romaji TOO SAD TO DIE Dairaiu no Hitotsubu
Air Date November 22, 2014
Episode Direction Aritomi Kouji
Storyboard Murakawa Ken`ichirou
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Shino Masanori (Chief), Minowa Yutaka, Kado Tomoaki, Yamamura Shunsuke, Hoshi no Sato Gohan, Takahashi Menware
Episode Chronology
Episode 8 Episode 10

Too Sad to Die: A Single Drop From a Thunderstorm (TOO SAD TO DIE 雷雨の一粒, TOO SAD TO DIE Dairaiu no Hitotsubu) is the 9th episode of Terra Formars TV anime.



Adolf takes his pent up anger and aims it at all of the Terraformars in the form of electricity. Who is it that he cries for? Once the lightning clears, the Terraformars' boss appears. Suddenly, the tables turn as the Terraformars attack in a much more calculated fashion and Adolf falls. In this time of need, the one who stands up was...


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