Fatima von Vinland
Full name Fatima von Vinland
Japanese name ファティマ・フォン・ヴィンランド
Romanization Fatima fon Vinrando
Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliations Cosmopolitan
Relatives Joseph(unknown)
Manga Debut Chapter 168
Image Gallery

Fatima von Vinland (ファティマ・フォン・ヴィンランド, Fatima fon Vinrando) is from the Cosmopolitan. She travelled to Mars along with Elone, to retrieve her "uncle" Joseph with the Noah 1 spacecraft.She said they were relatives to Joseph which maybe true due to her being able to incapacitate a overmutated Locust type and then throw him out of a specialized glass window with relative ease and no visible transformation.




Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

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