Frontier Spirit
Frontier Spirit
Japanese name フロンティア・スピリット
Romanization Furontia Supiritto
Captain Daniel Arthur Jr.
Origin Deza Republic
Manga Debut Chapter 151
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Frontier Spirit (フロンティア・スピリット, Furontia Supiritto) is a spacecraft funded entirely by private corporations and rich people over the world. It travelled to Mars to rescue the survivors from Annex I mission.


Following the news on Annex 1, the Frontier Spirit was launched from neutral Deza Republic and had to travel to Mars and save all japanese, americans and russians, and also take all the Terraformar samples they have collected.

Upon arriving on Mars, they spread several escape pods, who would transport those who enter in them to Frontier Spirit's landing point. After collecting the survivors and the samples, they travelled back to Earth.

About Frontier SpiritEdit

It was a ship funded entirely by private corporations and rich people over the world. It was build and launched from the neutral Deza Republic with only 2 crew members: the commander Daniel Arthur Jr. and lieutenant Asatarou Kusama. Its Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) thruster engine was secretly supplied by fifth U-NASA Branch, Germany.

The ship blueprints are the same as for the BUG Series spacecrafts, but with cheaper materials and screws. The bedrooms on the second floor are remodelled as medical room. It is equipped with anti-aircraft shield and several escape pods capable of holding total load of 270kg.

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