Gina S. Asimov
Full name Gina S. Asimov
Japanese name ジーナ・S・アシモフ
Romanization Jīna S. Ashimofu
Status Alive
Age 28
Gender Female
Birthday 17 December (Sagittarius)
Height 176
Weight 67
Origin Russia
Blood type B
Relatives Sylvester Asimov (father)
Alexander Asimov (husband)
Anime Debut Episode 7
Seiyuu Watanabe Akeno
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Gina S. Asimov (ジーナ・S・アシモフ, Jīna S Ashimofu. Рус. Зина Сильвестровна Азимова) is a Russian woman and the daughter of Sylvester Asimov. She is also the main reason behind his joining of the Annex Project.


Gina is a young woman with long hair and light brown eyes. She has a slender figure going as far as saying that she is "the girl who never gets fat no matter how much she eats". She has a F cup by Russian standards.



Since a young age Gina attended a girls-only school out of her mother's wishes, and concern due to her father's status as a bit of local celebrity. Even when she transferred to Moscow for school, the school was not selected particularly well, so most of the guys already knew about her father and kept their distance. During this time she met and fell in love with Alexander Asimov despite her father's initial opposition. After she and Alexander got married she was infected by the A.E. Virus during her pregnancy and her pancreas and lungs begin to deteriorate. Newly developed medical procedures managed to stop the degeneration, but there is still little hope for her and her child.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

When the Annex I left the earth Gina was still in the U-NASA's hospital with her mother praying for Sylvester's and Alexander's return and for the success of their mission.


  • Gina has a talent in skeet shooting.
  • Gina likes cheese, milkshakes, and red bean sponge cake while she dislike girls that chose treating sexy actresses as role models.
  • Gina has a habit of keeping two cell phones, probably because of her father's bad habit of spying her cell after figuring out the password.

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