Full name Joichi Hongou
Japanese name 本郷 丈一
Romanization Hongō Jōichi
Surgery type Insect
Surgery base Schistocerca gregaria
Status Alive
Age 26
Gender Male
Birthday 29 December (Capricorn)
Height 180cm
Weight 82kg
Origin Shizuoka, Japan
Blood type AB
Japan ranking #6
Image Gallery
 Joichi Hongou (本郷 丈一, Hongō Jōichi) nicknamed "Tiger Shot Hongō" is a member of the Japan ranks and among the strongest characters in the series.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joichi is Ranked 6th in Japan Ranking meaning he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

He is a trained police officer showing athletic abilities since he was a child.

After his Surgery he gained the abilities of the desert locust.This gives him the incredible leg power of the Orthoptera order resulting in great kicking and leaping ability. Instead of utilizing a martial art his kicks are based off soccer.


He has the same base as that of Thien.

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