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Full name Jet
Japanese name ジェット
Romanization Jetto
Surgery type Crustacean
Surgery base Alpheus bellulus
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Weight 80kg
Origin Thailand
Blood type A
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #61
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Takahashi Hidenori
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Jet (ジェット, Jetto) is a Thai under Liu Yiwu's tutelage who joined the Annex Project.


Jet has short black hair and both his eyes have different colours.

In Terrafo police, Michelle said his eye is just a color contact lens.


Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)Edit

Jet is first seen teasing fellow crew member Bourne about his past. When Bourne tried to punch him, he hit Ivan Perepelkin instead. He is later reported dead along side the rest of his team.

He later shows up alive and part of China's coup for power. He managed to defeat both Aaron and Nina with ease after transforming. Jet was able to later locate Aleksandr using his personal detector and help Xi defeat him.

Using Hizamaru, Jet faced Akari in a one-on-one battle atop Squad 2's escape vessel. Although his combination of abilities and proficiency with Krabi-Krabong best Akari, he cannot decapitate him with Hizamaru and is defeated.

He is currently regrouped with Kai and the rest of Squad 4.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His base organism is the pistol shrimp. He has the power to send "shock waves" at his enemies. As with the other crustacean types, he is also able to eventually regenerate any lost limbs after few minutes with little effort.

He also possess a special suit with a Full-body Personal Omnidirectional Sonar, called "Yellow Prawn-Goby", that allows him to locate his enemies in every direction even if he can't see them. Like the rest of Liu Yiwu's group he is a formidable fighter even without the drug thanks to their "Incomplete Transformation Operation" better known as "Type Red Operation".


  • Like every Chinese member, he faked his M.A.R.S Ranking. According to Mars File guidebook, if serious, he would have been #13.
  • The pistol shrimp utilize cavitation bubbles which results from the speed of its claw snapping shut in order to stun or kill prey over a distance. The peacock mantis shrimp also create cavitation bubbles, albeit at close range, as a secondary attack resulting from the speed of its punches. Strangely Keiji Onizuka hasn't shown such ability.

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