Jiu Tou Long
Jiu tou long
Japanese name 九頭龍拾参號 (くずりゅうじゅうさんごう)
Romanization Jiǔ Tóu Lóng (Kuzuryū) #13
Type Mid-class Combat Spacecraft
Captain Kai Yanchao
Status Abandoned at Mars.
Origin China
Affiliations U-NASA 4th Branch
Manga Debut Chapter 112
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 Jiu Tou Long (九頭龍拾参號 (くずりゅうじゅうさんごう)Kuzuryū, Nine-headed Dragon) is a mid-class manned combat spacecraft from U-NASA 4th Branch.


Capture Akari Hizamaru, Michelle K. Davis and roach samples, bring them back to Earth.

Spacecraft technical specification

Each 'head' or 'tentacle' functions as propulsion and equipped with numerous high energy laser based weaponary. It also can be used to grab objects.

The spacecraft carries cluster bombs.

Its propulsion velocity is faster than Frontier Spirit.

In event of captain death, a fast neutron radiation device will be activated as self-destruct mechanism.

If main craft is too damaged for escaping a planetoid body, an emergency escape and Earth re-entry vessel can be launched separately.


Jiu Tou Long (九頭龍)
Kai a Bao2 a
Kai Yanchao
Bao Yulan

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