Full name Johann
Japanese name ジョハン
Romanization Johan
Surgery type Reptile
Surgery base Caretta caretta
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Origin Germany
Affiliations Annex I
M.A.R.S ranking #88
Manga Debut Chapter 29
Anime Debut Episode 8
Seiyuu Takeuchi Eiji
Image Gallery
Johann (ジョハン, Johan) is a man under Adolf Reinhard's tutelage that joined the Annex Project to find a cure for the deadly A.E. virus that afflict the Earth.




Powers and Abilities Edit

After receiving his M.O. Operation, Johann gained the powers and abilities of the loggerhead sea turtle. While transformed he grows a shell that offers him protection though it was quickly broken by the clubs of the Terraformars. His overall combat abilities seem to be pretty low.


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