Kai Yanchao
Kai 2
Full name Kai Yanchao
Japanese name 凱延超(カイ・ヤンチャオ)
Romanization Kai Yanchao
Surgery type Fungus
Surgery base Cordyceps
Status Alive
Age 38
Gender Male
Birthday July 1 (Cancer)
Height 178cm
Weight 81kg
Origin China
Blood type B
Affiliations U-NASA 4th Branch
Manga Debut Chapter 113
Image Gallery

Kai Yanchao (凱延超(カイ・ヤンチャオ), Kai Yanchao) is a Chinese commander sent as reinforcements for the Chinese division on Annex I after they had captured "The First and the Second."


Kai isn't the tallest man, however he stands with his back straight most of the time which makes him look taller. He has black spiked hair and dark colored eyes. Unknown if it's a scar, burn mark, or other, about half of Kai's face seems to be shaded darker than his skin tone. Like the rest of his crew, Kai seems to wear a simpler and darker version of the Annex uniform. Unlike those uniforms, however, his is sporting a badge on his left shoulder and decorative chords on his right.


With his first appearance, Kai seems to be a very calm and direct person. He speaks to his crew harshly, calling one an idiot when he doesn't notice a piece of debris coming towards them is actually the Terraformars on a probe flying at them. He raises his voice to yell at General Bao after firing at Liu and Joseph Gustav Newton after he proposed to listen to Liu's last words. When the General is defeated and his head is thrown at him, Kai seems surprised and disturbed. Rather than referring to Michelle and Akari by names, he only calls them by "First" and "Second" until he has them captured. He is very dedicated to his ship and his mission, leaving fighting Michelle to use the emergency exit to eject Sylvester. Previously, he agreed to respect Akari's wish to bury Michelle in her hometown and find a cure for the A.E. Virus, Kai agreed. If he would've followed through with the request is unknown.

History Edit

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.)

Kai first appears blowing up Joseph and Liu fighting it out below. Kai proceeds on giving orders to his crew as they track down Akari and Michelle. While Akari fights to keep himself, Michelle, Yaeko, and Alex safe, Kai watches and observes from above. Once Akari's landslide plan works, Kai orders his men down to capture Akari. When Michelle sacrifices herself to save Akari, Kai begins to narrate about Akari finally showing the power he inherited from his mother, Zhang Ming-Ming. Eventually, Akari and Michelle are brought on board and Kai surrounds them with his soldiers and his own infected Terraformars. After Akari is subdued, Kai listens and agrees to Akari's acceptance of burying Michelle in her hometown and curing the A.E Virus. When Michelle awakes and throws Akari out the window, Kai puts Michelle in a room proposing that the plan would still work with only the First. When Sylvester Asimov breaks through, Kai uses Michelle as a defense, saying he'll use his M.O. Operation on her if Sylvester tries anything. However Michelle transforms with a drug and the two engage in combat while General Bao and his soldiers fight Sylvester. Once Sylvester starts destroying the ship and breaking the controls, Kai abandons his fight to stop him. However Michelle jumps out the same exit used on Sylvester, much to Kai's disbelief. From there on, Kai loses his cool personality, laughing crazily and smirking when he infects Joseph with his Spore from up-high. He then tells one of his surviving subordinates that he wants to personally infect the officers of Annex with his spore.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Having the power of the Cordyceps fungus, Kai is able to manipulate insect brains and make them a "puppet". He can shoot a type of goo out of holes in his palms when transformed which can assumed to be the fungal spores. However it appears he is able to control someone at long range, as shown when he infected Joseph Gustav Newton.

He was able to fight Michelle one-on-one without any visible injuries. This implies Kai is strong enough to hold his own against a highly skilled opponent.


  • In an added drawing at the end of a volume, he was shown alongside General Bao at an unknown location, implying the two have been together before.
  • Kai's name bears a similarity to Yang Yanzhao, a legendary general from the Song Dynasty. Whether the fact that they are both Chinese generals named Yanzhao is intended or coincidential is unknown.

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