Kyoko Kamifukuoka
Fukuoka Kyoko
Full name Kamifukuoka Kyoko
Status Alive
Age 28
Gender Female
Origin Japan
Relatives Fukuoka Ryouta (Step-son)
Manga Debut Number 1
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Kyoko Kamifukuoka is the step-mother of Ryouta Kamifukuoka .

Appearance Edit

A well endowed middle age woman with short wavy hair.

Personality Edit

Kyoko is a cheerful young woman and seems to have a good relationship with her step-son.

History Edit

Ryouta's father married her when he was working overseas, making her his second wife. Kyoko who returned home to her family's apartment, had discovered Ryo was taking a bath, though at the time she was unaware he was with his girlfriend, decided to join him. Stripping down she entered into the room, unbeknownst that a Terraformar was behind her.

The creature grabbed her skull causing her to cry out in pain. Kyoko was released from its hold thanks to the intervention of Keiji and Kanako as they flew into the apartment bathroom.

After Keiji drove out the Terraformar into the alley, Kanako was left behind to attend to her and the teens. Kyoko shaken by her ordeal attempted to address the stranger. Kyoko attempted to cover herself, but failed to hide her chest causing Kanako to glare with jealous and later hastily state she was on the wrong floor and quickly left, leaving the older woman and two teens stunned by the explanation.