Lost Mission

Novel Lost Mission 1

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Novel Info
Novel: 1
ISBN (JP): 978-4087033281
Kanji: LOST MISSION I 月の記憶
Romaji: Lost Mission I Tsuki no Kioku
Total Pages: 216
Release Date (JP) August 20, 2014
Novel Chronology
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Lost Mission (LOST MISSION I 月の記憶, Lost Mission I Tsuki no Kioku) is a novel series written by Higashiyama Akira, it's based on the manga Terra Formars by SAGUSA Yu and TACHIBANA Kenichi.


List of ChaptersEdit

  • Prologue: A Girl in the Tree
  • Chapter 1: Blue Butterfly
  • Chapter 2: Guerillas
  • Chapter 3: Magical Mystery Tour
  • Chapter 4: A Tribe
  • Chapter 5: Skyler in Chains
  • Chapter 6: Creepy Show
  • Chapter 7: The River
  • Chapter 8: Diary of a Madman
  • Chapter 9: Sacrifice
  • Chapter 10: German Lady
  • Chapter 11: Curiosity
  • Epilogue: El Camino


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Inner Cover




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