The Martian Atmosphere and Roach Suitability (M.A.R.S) Ranking is a ranking system developed to create an efficient chain of command and also denote the officers for the Annex I mission. The higher ranked members were essentially the frontline against the Terra Formars. Mission Plan Alpha called for the highest ranked members to form a defensive perimeter around the Annex I research ship while lower ranked members conducted research inside the ship on the A.E. Virus affecting Earth.

Confirmed M.A.R.S. RankingEdit

Rank Name Squad
#1Joseph Gustav NewtonSquad 6
#2Adolf ReinhardSquad 5
#3 (tied)Shokichi KomachiSquad 1
#4 (tied)Sylvester AsimovSquad 3
#5Michelle K. DavisSquad 2
#6Akari HizamaruSquad 2
#7Alexander AsimovSquad 3
#8Keiji OnizukaSquad 1
#9Marcos E. GarciaSquad 1
#10Ivan PerepelkinSquad 3
#11MarciaSquad 6
#12Alex K. StewartSquad 2
#13Isabella R. LeonSquad 5
#14Muteba N. M. Invictus Jr.Squad 6
#15Kanako SanjoSquad 1
#18Nina YujikSquad 3
#19Elena PerepelkinaSquad 3
#20Anastasia A. PolitkovskayaSquad 3
#21Kaiki KonoSquad 1
#23Jared AndersonSquad 1
#44Liu YiwuSquad 4
#49Borgijin DorjiberkeSquad 4
#50BaoSquad 4
#58Ryuji RobsonSquad 2
#61JetSquad 4
#70Ryuichi RobsonSquad 2
#77Amelia VenkateshSquad 2
#82Peggy FortieSquad 2
#89Sheila LevittSquad 1
#90Wolf RedfieldSquad 2
#95Erika NakanojoSquad 1
#97HongSquad 4
#98Yaeko YanasegawaSquad 2
#99Xi Chun-LiSquad 4
#100Eva FrostSquad 5

Serious RankingsEdit

Guidebook Mars File gave top part of the Mars Ranking with Chinese being serious and not faking their rankings for the official rank. Shokichi rank wasn't revealed at the release of the guidebook, so it's possible that everyone's rank after #3 to move with 1 down.

Rank Name Squad
#1Joseph Gustav NewtonSquad 6
#2Adolf ReinhardSquad 5
#3Shokichi KomachiSquad 1
#3Sylvester AsimovSquad 3
#4Liu YiwuSquad 4
#5Michelle K. DavisSquad 2
#6Akari HizamaruSquad 2
#7Xi Chun-LiSquad 4
#8Alexander AsimovSquad 3
#9Keiji OnizukaSquad 1
#10Marcos E. GarciaSquad 1
#11Ivan PerepelkinSquad 3
#12BaoSquad 4
#13JetSquad 4
#14MarciaSquad 6
#15Alex K. StewartSquad 2
#16Borgijin DorjiberkeSquad 4
#17Isabella R. LeonSquad 5
#18Kanako SanjoSquad 1
#19Aaron YujikSquad 3
#20Nina YujikSquad 3


To use weapons one must have a M.A.R.S Ranking of 15 or higher. This is to minimize the theft of weapons that could be turned against the Annex I crew.

Known weapon users:

  • Joseph Gustav Newton ("George Smiles", Anti-Terraformar Coated Longsword)
  • Adolf Reinhard ("Rain Hard", Anti-Terraformar Throwing Shuriken)
  • Komachi Shokichi ("Stinger Poisoned Sake", Anti-personnel Giant Hornet Venom Antidote)
  • Sylvester Asimov ("Kavkaz Svet", Anti-personnel & Anti-Terraformar Nutritional Compressed Regenerative Bud)
  • Michelle K. Davis ("Michael's Hammer", Anti-Terraformar Simple Explosive Accelerator Device)
  • Liu Yiwu ("Reaper Rebirth", Anti-personnel & Anti-Terraformar Transplantable Second and Third Hearts)(Unofficial)
  • Akari Hizamaru ("Hizamaru", Anti-Terraformar Sonic Ninja Blade)
  • Alexander Asimov ("Kavkaz Kalinka", Anti-Terraformar Refillable Mandible Ballistic Knife)
  • Keiji Onizuka ("Gonna Fly Now", Anti-Terraformar Crustacean Integrated Armguards)
  • Marcos E. Garcia ("Archnebuster Mk.II", Three-Sectioned Staff)
  • Ivan Perepelkin ("Angel Wheelie", a Gauntlet)
  • Jet ("Yellow Prawn-Goby", Armored Personal Omnidirectional Sonar)(Unofficial)
  • Alex K. Stewart ("Randy Johnson(s)", a Multi-Gadget Balls)
  • Isabella R. Leon ("Carnaval De Paris", Anti-Terraformar Attack Soccer Shin Guards)
  • Muteba Nelson Mutekichi Invictus Jr. ("Bears Side Kicks", Anti-Terraformar Reconnaissance Drone)
  • Kanako Sanjo ("Hien", Anti-Terraformar Flight Support Wings)
  • Hong ("Meteor of Death", Anti-personnel & Anti-Terraformar Poisonous Blowdarts)(Unofficial)


  • Akari has been noted as being one of the two highest offensive ability members yet his M.A.R.S. Ranking is 6. This is due to the M.A.R.S. rankings working off assuming capture as an objective as the primary determiner of rank.
  • Officers have the highest M.A.R.S. ranking, having been trained purposely for Anti-Terraformar combat due to genetic inheritance or Human experimentation pre-M.O. operation. The only officer to have a low ranking is Liu. This is due to the Chinese have purposefully ordered their members to gain a low ranking to ensure most of them are kept inside the ship thereby tampering with the rank system.