The Mosaic Organ Operation (MO Operation) is a surgery to forcefully re-engineer the human body to survive in the Martian Atmosphere. It has a survival rate of roughly 36%. Women appear to be more compatible with the surgery then men, though it's never specified why. If the surgery is a success, the individual has obtained a Mosaic Organ with the DNA of a compatible organism. Taking a type of drug will bring out the abilities gained through the Mosaic Organ to make the individual capable of facing against the Terraformar race on Mars. The drug varies from an injection, biting a vial with a substance inside, consuming a type of tablet, or snorting a type of powder.

Type Red Operation Edit

The Type Red Operation was a surgery done to all Chinese members that had the MO Operation to give them the ability to use whatever base organism they had while un-transformed.

Inherited Mosaic Organs Edit

If a baby from an individual post-surgery of either the Bugs Procedure or the M.O. Operation there is a chance the offspring will have been born with a Mosaic Organ. The offspring will have a 100% success rate in the MO Operation, and will carry over the DNA of the parent. Two examples of successfully inherited Mosaic Organs are Michelle K. Davis and Akari Hizamaru. An example of a child not inheriting the Mosaic Organ would be Adolf Reinhard's child, though it should be noted the child wasn't actually his.

Confirmed MO OperationsEdit

Name Surgery Type Surgery Base Special Traits
Adolf Reinhard Fish Electrophorus electricus None
Shokichi Komachi Insect Vespa mandarinia japonica Bugs Procedure
Sylvester Asimov Crustacean Pseudocarcinus gigas None
Michelle K. Davis Insect Camponotus saundersi Paraponera clavata (Inherited)
Akari Hizamaru Insect Eumeta japonica (Bagworm Moth) Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid mantis) Bombyx mori (Silkworm) (Inherited)
Alexander Asimov Insect Dorcus titanus sumatra None
Keiji Onizuka Crustacean Odontodactylus scyllarus None
Marcos E. Garcia Arthropod Heteropoda venatoria None
Ivan Perepelkin Plant Datura stramonium None
Marcia Fish Banded archerfish None
Alex K. Stewart Bird Harpia harpyja None
Isabella R. Leon Insect Sia ferox None
Kanako Sanjo Bird Hirundapus caudacutus None
Nina Yujik Arachnid Leiurus quinquestriatus None
Kaiki Kono Reptile Trimeresurus flavoviridis None
Jared Anderson Cetacean Orcinus orca None
Liu Yiwu Cephalopod Hapalochlaena lunulata None
Borgijin Dorjiberke Mammal Gray wolf Type-Red Operation
Bao Chordate Didemnum molle Type-Red Operation
Ryuji Robson Arthropod Ogre-faced spider None
Jet Crustacean Tiger pistol shrimp Type-Red Operation
Ryuichi Robson Arthropod Ogre-faced spider Can only shoot thread once.
Amelia Venkatesh Mammal Monodon monocerus None
Peggy Fortie Mammal Short-beaked Echidna None
Sheila Levitt Amphibian Poison dart frog None
Wolf Redfield Fish Hammerhead Shark None
Erika Nakanojo Reptile Gekko japonicus None
Hong Bacteria Bacillus anthracis None
Yaeko Yanasegawa Mammal Striped skunk None
Xi Chun-Li Cephalopod Metasepia pfefferi Type-Red Operation(?)
Eva Frost None Planarian Gained Adolf's MO through consumption.
Bourne Mollusk Scaly-foot Gastropod None
Elena Perepelkina Plant Atropa belladonna None
Sergei Seleznyov Talpid Euroscaptor mizura None
Aaron Yujik Insect Chinese red-headed centipede None
Anastasia Arachnid Trapdoor spider None
Yoh Chordate Inshore hagfish None
Enrique Fish Shark None
Antonio Fish Long-spine porcupinefish None
Johann Reptile Some kind of turtle None
Sandra Hoffman Mammal Felis None

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