M. K. Davis
M.K. Davis
Full name M. K. Davis
Japanese name M・K・デイヴス
Romanization M K Deivusu
Status Deceased
Age 42
Gender Male
Origin U.S.A.
Affiliations BUGS1, U-NASA
Relatives Donatello K. Davis (son)
Michelle K. Davis (grand-daughter)
Manga Debut Prologue
Image Gallery

M. K. Davis (M・K・デイヴス) was an American U-NASA executive in charge of Bugs #1 Mission.




Davis was first seen contacting Bugs #1 ship 12 hours before they enter Mars atmosphere. He issued to the crew of what was needed to be done; investigating and capturing 10 male and female cockroaches. He also warned them they have lost all contact to drones that were sent since the start of 2500 to Mars and to be extra cautious, since something unexpected may have happened there and to investigate the cause of malfunction.

Later after the failure of the mission, he was seen demanding why they were refusing to disclose any information on the tragedy on Mars. He was then approached by Alexander Gustav Newton, who questioned him if they ever did publish the entire truth ever since the Viking I's photograph of Mars in 1976. He also then informed him that he will be in charge of leading BUGS-2 project and thus Davis need to leave his seat, warning him to not make any hasty mistakes such as trying to leak the information to the media or making a site on the internet.

Some time later he tried unsuccessfully to reveal the truth about Mars to the world but he was “mysteriously” killed, and due to his treasonous acts against U-NASA his son, Donatello K. Davis, was forbidden to be an astronaut.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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