Name Mars
Kanji 火星
Romanji Kasei
Type Planet

Mars (火星, Kasei) is the 4th planet in the Solar System. Since it's having low atmosphere pressure, only 0.006, it can't absorb sunlight and it's temperature is around -53C.

Terraforming ProjectEdit

With the increase of Earth's population, there is chance that the planet may be drained from energy issues and environment destruction. Because of that, a plan was started to make Mars a possible place to live and around half of the people from Earth, to move there. In order to heat up the planet, in 21st Century various possibilities were offered: shooting it with nuclear weapon; focusing a giant mirror towards it or taking atmosphere from Earth and raising Mars pressure little by little. But another option was chosen: releasing moss and cockroaches. Mars will start to warm up and absorb the sunlight because the surface is covered in dark colors. Cockroaches will eat the moss, expand their living area and the carcasses will make the moss grow in even thicker.

In around 500 years later, in the 2500s all the drones who were sent to Mars stopped responding. Because of that, in 2577 A.D. astronauts were sent with the BUGS1 ship to investigate and collect 10 female and male cockroaches. Upon landing on Mars, they discovered that the cockroaches have evolved and now have human-like appearance: the Terraformars.

Traces of Ancient CivilizationEdit

It seems at some point in history, Mars was populated by civilization coming from planet Rahab. There are giant pyramids and faces on it's surface.