Misaki Fujimino
Fujimino Misaki
Full name Fuijimino Misaki
Status Alive
Gender Female
Origin Japan
Manga Debut Number 1
Seiyuu Haruka Chisuga
Image Gallery

Misaki Fujimino is a childhood friend of Ryouta Kamifukuoka.

Appearance Edit

A young woman with dark hair and a developed chest.

Personality Edit

Misaki has a mischievous and perverted personality as she likes to sneak into Ryouta's apartment and land him in obscene situations, like hiding in his bathtub to be with him. She seems to be very open with her sexuality with Ryouta.

History Edit

Misaki is the head of her student council. She sneaked into the Kamifukuoka apartment next door and laid in wait in the bathtub until Ryouta came home and pounced on him. Though his step-mother was about to enter Misaki didn't care and continued to sexually harass her childhood friend. Both she and Ryouta witnessed in horror the Terraformar that loomed behind unsuspecting Kyoko.

She and Ryouta were dumbstruck by Sanjou's excuse of the situation.

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