"We are the cosmos"

The Newton Clan is a group who grew out of a section of American business conglomerate and initiated The Project which was conducting selective breeding among human including themselves. The Clan considered themselves a cosmopolitans and eschewed even family names and nationalities.


The Clan started The Project in 2040's. The Clan held the belief that their bodies don't evolves toward a more advanced form, but rather gain characteristics, weakness, and coincidental changes while progressing toward a form that is largely capable of survival. Thus they intended to amass all of the characteristic and force their bodies to advance. Marriage in The Newton Clan did not depend on wealth, connections, race or nationality. All that mattered was figure, abilities and resistance to disease. They chose to marry only those who were on the top of their class. Some time during around the year 2200 their bodies began to change and gain the ability to sleep just a few seconds or only sleep in certain parts of their bodies much like migratory birds or dolphins. They were persecuted on many occasions for what they were doing, but they experienced a revival after building up their wealth for several generation starting around 2300. The country they operated from varied depending on the head. Leadership is transferred paternally, but through their relations, women also entered The Project.

George Smiles the grandson of Alexander G. Newton was part of BUGS I mission which lead to the discovery of the Terraformars and the death of the crew. However, George, who was able to kill a Terraformar, last act in his dying breaths sent the Terraformar head and a warning about what happened. An act which was praised by Alexander. Using the head a surgery was invented to allow human to gain the power of Bugs in order to eliminate the Terraformars. BUGS II was supervised by Alexander and just like BUGS I it failed. During the time between BUGS II and Annex I Alexander died. During Annex I, Joseph the scion of the clan joined the crew as an officer.

After Annex I fell to Terraformar control, it was initially believed by the survivors that China was responsible for informing the intelligent cockroaches of their mission. In reality China played only a small part of the betrayal as it was the Newton Clan that sent plans of Annex's mission via space capsule, informing the Terraformars on Mars of the Mosaic Operation and equipment. It was proven when the Newton Clan's private spacecraft arrive in the skies of Mars, the Terraformar elites recognized the clan's creed on the craft's surface, ordered a retreat and a full cease of hostile activities.

Later the Newton Clan, China and the Earth Terraformars have been seen together openly cooperating in running a human breeding research facility.


Alexander Gustav NewtonEdit

Alexander is the grandfather of Joseph Newton and George Smiles. He was not shown to possess any power as he wasn't shown to fight. However, he was shown to be very smart.

Joseph Gustav NewtonEdit

Joseph is the scion of the clan. He is the result of 600 years of selective breeding on human conducted by The Clan. His strength, endurance and speed was shown to be enough to kill so much Terraformars to make a mountain of their corpses.

George SmilesEdit

George wasn't shown to possess any powers that surpass human capabilities at all. However, he was the first human to kill a Terraformar. Thanks to him sending the head of the Terraformar back to earth and warning them about The evolved roaches the Bug Procedure and later M.O. Operation were invented.

Trivia Edit

  • The Newton Clan are highly interested in acquiring Michele Davis, as she was born with the Mosaic Organ naturally.
  • Its hinted that the clan was responsible for the creation of Akari Hizamaru, as Joseph called him a mistake.

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