Noah 1
Noah 1
Japanese name ノア1号
Romanization Noa 1-gō
Type Warship
Affiliations Cosmopolitans
Manga Debut Chapter 167
Image Gallery

Noah 1 (ノア1号, Noa 1-gō) is a private warship spacecraft owned by the Cosmopolitans. Fatima and Elone travelled with it to Mars, to get Joseph's body.


As the genetic information of Joseph was quite important thing for the Cosmopolitans, they launched Noah 1, to travel to Mars and collect his body, along with any other samples they could.

Upon arriving, the Chinese had already secured Joseph's body and weren't wiling to give it. Fatima was able to negotiate with them and gave them information for the exchange of Joseph's body. As they were leaving Mars, Joseph was seen to be still alive. It was also shown that they have also taken all the 4082 Terraformar body samples Joseph previously collected, along with 7 copies of Eva.

Spacecraft technical specification

It is powered by antimatter engine.

Gravity manipulation device is used as propulsion and flight control. The device can be used to project gravitational wave to stop an object (an aircraft) in its path.

The spacecraft is able to pass-through anti aircraft-shield safely. It is equipped with unspecified latest defense system and interception devices.

There is no manual operation mode as it is heavily computerised.

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