Number 1
Number 001
Chapter Info
Chapter: #1
Romanized Title: WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD Kikan
Total Pages: 33
Year Released: March 17, 2016
Young Jump: Issue 2016-16
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 173 Number 2

Welcome to the New World (WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD 帰還, WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD Kikan) is the #1 chapter in Terra Formars' Earth saga.



The story opens in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area C, where several resident notice a loud motorcycle blazing out in the night. Elsewhere high school student Ryouta has just finished washing himself to prepare for a bath in his family's apartment. As he was just about to submerge himself in the bathtub, his childhood friend, Misaki surfaces and encircles her naked body around him. As he attempts to escape the advances of his girlfriend he notices that the lights have gone out, and hears that his step-mother has come home.

Kyoko wishing to join her step-son, enters the bathroom nude, followed closely by a looming Terraformar. The two high schoolers attempt to warn Kyoko of the danger, but it roughly seizes her head. The occupants screams for help are noticed by two motorcyclists, Keiji and Kanako. Both activate their M.O. Operation, with Kanako flying Keiji to the 14th floor and into the bathroom. Keiji drives the Terraformar away from the three, before it dashes outside through the window. Keiji follows in pursuit leaving Kanako behind with the civilians. Kanako feeling inadequate after looking at the other two women's developed breasts quickly makes a excuse and dashes out of the apartment leaving the Ryouta, Misaki and Kyoko naked and confused. Outside Keiji engages the Terraformar in battle but is at a disadvantage due to the high heights and walls in which the cockroach are adapted to. He soon discovers the alley to be covered with Terraformars. The Terraformars are quickly sliced apart by the arrival of Akira. After capturing a surviving Terraformar, its learned that ever since the Annex I expedition returned to Earth, they have been investigating a string of kidnappings that number 8711 in Tokyo. The 1st Escort Company has suspected that the Terraformars on Earth are responsible and aims to stop them. After being greeted by Kyo Hyuga at HQ, Akira grumbles that they are getting nowhere with their investigation. However Kyo tells him to be patient and that they will find the Terraformars hideout with the 'eyes' of their captives and reassures him that he will avenge his 'master'.


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