Number 2
Number 002
Chapter Info
Chapter: #2
Japanese Title: INTO THE CHAOS 地下水路
Romanized Title: INTO THE CHAOS Chika Suiro
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: March 24, 2016
Young Jump: Issue 2016-17
Chapter Chronology
Number 1 Number 3

Into the Chaos (INTO THE CHAOS 地下水路, INTO THE CHAOS Chika Suiro) is the #2 chapter in Terra Formars' Earth saga.



Akari arrives to the entrance to the sewers beneath Tokyo Metropoloitan Area S. Before Kyo explains that they will be applying electical current to the captured Terraformar's brain in order to view the subject last memories. Kyo note the peculiar behavior of the Earth based Terraformars as the one caught by Akira, Kanako and Keiji was escaping suggesting it was given orders by someone from an organization from a charismatic Terraformar. The last memories of the Terraformar lead Akari to the tunnels beneath the city. Some of the images of displayed by the Terraformar show the Mole Family, people that live in the sewer, indicating that the Terraformars may have taken residence in the sewers after wiping the Mole Family. Much to Akari surprise rather than seeing a pile of human bodies littering the sewers, he finds a mound of Terraformars corpses. Atop the pile is a man eating a brain of a Terraformars who greets Akira with recognition.


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