The Encounter: Encounter with the Known
OVA 01
Episode Info
Kanji THE ENCOUNTER 既知との遭遇
Romaji THE ENCOUNTER Kichi to no Sōgū
Air Date September 27, 2014
Episode Direction Ozaki Takaharu
Storyboard Hamasaki Hiroshi
Screenplay Yasukawa Shougo
Animation Direction Takada Haruhito (Chief), Kamoi Chise, Kimura Satoshi, Sagawa Haruka, Sakamoto Kazuya, Yagi Genki
Episode Chronology
← N/A OVA 2

The Encounter: Encounter with the Known (THE ENCOUNTER 既知との遭遇, THE ENCOUNTER Kichi to no Sōgū) is the 1st OVA episode of Terra Formars OVA series.




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