Orchid Mantis Terraformar
Full name Orchid Mantis Terraformar
Japanese name ハナカマキリ型テラフォーマー
Status Deceased
Origin Cockroaches, Mars
Affiliations Terraformar
Manga Debut Chapter 122
Image Gallery
Screenshot (4)

The Orchid Mantis Terraformar is a Terraformar that stole the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew Zhang Ming-Ming. It posses mantis claws capable of slicing through human bodies without any trouble.

Appearance Edit

Unlike normal type Terraformars, He has mantis antennae, mandible-like projection on either side of his lower jaw, and folding raptorial arms. He wears a silk hakama. It means he has high intelligence and social status.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Past Edit

Somehow during the past this Terraformar gained the abilities of the member of the Bugs #2's crew Zhang Ming-Ming.

Annex I Arc (2619 A.D.) Edit

This Orchid Mantis Terraformar is seen for the first time when it tries to pull a sneak attack at captain Shokichi Komachi, who at that time was crouching at the ground after defeating an entire army of Terraformars on his own. It tried to slice of his head however the captain was saved by the timely arrival of Joseph Gustav Newton who used his sword to cut off the Orchid Mantis Terraformar's claw. At the same time Liu Yiwu who arrived together with Joseph used his poison on the Terraformar, killing it and starting to eat the severed arm. After his death, Joseph stole his hakama and wore it.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Orchid Mantis Terraformar has killed:

  • 2 Elephantnose pilots
  • Joseph Newton(temporarily with severed claw)

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